End of Life notice

Please be aware that BetterWorkflow is now at End of Life. Support will be provided for existing licence holders until March 31 2018. After this time no further support will be availabe.

Price increase : January 20th, 2014

On March 1st 2014 the price of Better Workflow will increase to $80

When we launched Better Workflow way back in 2011 it was an experiment. We'd built it to scratch our own itch and knew our clients needed it, but had no idea whether anyone else would be interested.

We had never launched a product before and had no idea what we should charge - at the time there wasn't anything similar on the market. After much discussion we settled on $65; it felt about right.

After two and a half years in the wild we've learnt a lot; we now know it requires constant development to maintain a piece of software in an ever changing environment. We also know that providing support takes up way more time than we ever imagined.

We are very aware that the cost of add-ons can make EE builds very expensive and want to try and keep BWF as accessible as possible. However, when we ran the numbers it became clear that if we are to continue to develop BWF and provide support at the level expected of a commercial add-on we're going to have to increase the price. So, as of March 1st, Better Workflow will cost $80 per site.

Compared with similar add-ons we feel that at $80 Better Workflow still represents great value for money - we hope that you do too.

If you have any thoughts or comments we'd love to hear from you.

Thanks, the Electric Putty Team

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