Inline Preview, Entry Approval, Draft versions and more, welcome to Better Workflow.

Better Workflow is an ExpressionEngine add-on from Electric Putty that brings refined content control to EE.


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Extension of the Year 2011 Devot:ee Awards

Draft versions

For the first time in ExpressionEngine 2, you can now create a copy of a live ExpressionEngine entry, modify and preview it without affecting the live website.

Inline preview

Preview your work at any time, make changes to a live entry and review before updating the live site.


Editors create content and submit for approval, Publishers check and publish to the website. A simple yet powerful workflow.

“Better Workflow has been great for us; users are eager to make changes and the live preview after hitting save makes getting each page "just right" even easier.”
Mark Huot

Happy Cog

“The guys at Electric Putty really did a good job on Better Workflow. It is the workflow management tool I was waiting for.”
Marcus Neto

“This really is the definitive entry versioning module for EE. It works flawlessly out of the box, has a great user interface, and excellent support.”
Kristen Grote